Saturday, November 20, 2004

Yahoo! News - Lawmakers Agree on $388 Bln Spending Bill

Rich ideologues are greedy bastards

The final nine of 13 spending bills that make up the federal budget for this fiscal year were collapsed into one omnibus spending bill yesterday. Lawmakers agreed to a $388 billion bill that institutes a 0.83 cut across the board, except for a few pet projects of the Bush Administration--I think we still want to go to Mars, and admirably, we want to give money to Sudan to help with the Darfur crisis.

So I can deal with this bill. I'm pleased to hear the new overtime rules were dropped.

And then I heard that new regulations were included in this bill that would prohibit denying funding to hospitals that refuse to perform abortions. I think it's funny that these people who bitch and moan about activist courts simply write legislation to undermine the law all the time. Pot v. Kettle anyone?

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