Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Yahoo! News - SUMMARY: Bush Proposed Health Care Policy

Got Healthcare?

This little blurb outlines Bush's healthcare policy. I think it does far too little to provide coverage to those without, but the blurb is so vague that it would be impossible to tell. What's funny is that it says Bush ran on a platform of making health care more accessible, but then only details his medical malpractice reform plan. I've seen competing data on this subject, some suggesting that such reform would only reduce costs by two percent. Other studies suggest that access to health care is increased in states with tort reform. However, quite a few states already do have their own limits on medical liability--the very same limit of $250K that Bush is proposing on a federal level-- and guess what? Healthcare is still unaffordable.

It costs money and you can't do it for free. We have the best technology and we subsidize drug development for the rest of the world. I happen to think we're the world's engine for such things. No matter what, medical technology and care cost money, and everyone thinks they ought to have a full body scan, so until the system breaks completely, we can probably expect nothing to really get done in terms of fixing the system. There's no system to fix, after all.

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