Sunday, November 07, 2004

Yahoo! News - U.S. Gasoline Prices Fall to $2.01/gallon

Gas Price Update

Hmmm. This article suggests that gas prices have fallen in recent days. I wonder why this has failed to materialize in my market. I stopped at Chevron the other day because my poor car had been bombarded by bird poop that looked mightily like the Canada goose goo with which my car was regularly pelted when I lived near Green Lake in Seattle. I needed a car wash pronto. I could barely see out my windows, as they were splattered with gook. I must have parked under a murder of crows on Thursday night. In order to get the car wash, I put a few gallons of gas in my tank. I hadn't checked the price before I stuck the handle into my gas tank and I nearly fell over when I did look up. $2.47 per gallon. 87 octane unleaded.

That is just unnecessary. Ridiculous. Some sort of petroleum blasphemy. Price gouging. Something. That Chevron is always about 15-20 cents above most places around town, and I really won't buy gas there unless I'm desperate.

Regardless, I want to know how it is that national price drops don't register here. True, we have boutique blends forced upon us by our own and the federal government. But we also have a coastline, so I don't imagine oil has to travel far to get here. And we have refineries, so we create the black gold in the state.

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