Saturday, December 11, 2004

busy on the weekend

Sticking to my schedule

Of late, I find I have many demands on my time, and I question whether I have the mental capacity to meet them as much as I would like. I could do it in college, but for some reason, the same abilities escape me now. I smoked in college, which provided good incentives and motivation. I don't smoke anymore, which is good, but I also lack the discipline I had back then.

Luckily for me, today isn't just a day that involves answering a very involved econ final regarding the costs and benefits of building a parking structure at CSUS, it also brings promise of creative pursuits, in the service of yet another assignment. My intro to public policy class has a "toolkit" paper and project, in which we must create something that represents the things we've learned from the class. I'm making a diorama. It's like being in 4th grade again, only more difficult because I'm more of a perfectionist now.

This evening I'm meeting with my NCLB group for one final edit to our presentation for Monday. I'm dreading the presentation. I hate them. I can't imagine what questions my class is going to throw at me, but I'm convinced I won't know any of the answers. I'm knowledgeable on my part, but damn, this shit is complicated! It's hard to keep everything straight.

As incentive for myself, I'm setting a goal of being finished with the development phase of the toolkit and a complete draft of the econ question by noon. Then I can go to Michaels to buy supplies (keep me away from the yarn!) and work on Chemistry stuff for a few hours before I head over to Sellout Buyout, where I plan to pick up a few choice goodies as holiday presents for friends. I wanted to go to a craft show in the Bay Area, but this school stuff is being too demanding. No way do I have time to waste just driving somewhere.

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