Sunday, December 05, 2004

class schedule

Public Indecision

I have to register for Spring classes tomorrow and I'm still unsure of what to take. One of these days I need to head over to the department office and turn in paperwork and think long and hard about where I want this program to spit me out. This semester, my choices are limited. I have to take the second semester of my Econ series, which is fine. We will be focusing on cost-benefit analysis, which I am highly anticipating. The Econ class meets on Thursday nights.

For my second class, I can take either Public Budgeting and Finance, which meets on Wednesday nights, and which several of my study buddies are taking, or I could take Urban Problems, Economics and Public Policy, which meets Tuesdays.

I wouldn't be able to go to Stitch n' Bitch on Tuesdays if I took the second, but it sounds so much more interesting than the first!

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