Sunday, December 12, 2004

cost benefit analysis

Mental Limitations

If I don't find a way to corral my thoughts so I can think through things that aren't so obviously structured, I'm never going to make it in public policy. It's not a field for well-trained parrots, and it's not an MBA for people who don't like math, as one of my group members once thought before beginning the program. I'm not quite sure where she got that impression, as the curriculum for the program requires some serious econ and methods courses. But whatever.

For my economics final, I'm writing a paper on the cost/benefit analysis of a proposed parking structure for Sac State. It's imaginary, nothing groundbreaking. I hope I'm doing everything correctly, because the people in my group seem very reluctant to check my numbers. They weren't very confident of their mastery of the subject at all, and I'm not jumping up and down over mine either.

I have to give a presentation tomorrow night. That's fine, but I also need to be able to focus on work during the day, and I'm fairly certain that will be impossible. Bleh.

I am so looking forward to Friday. I'm going to have nine whole days off. Nine days! I haven't had that many in forever. I agreed to watch Alex the dog for Amanda, and I might throw her in the back seat of my car and head for the coast for a bit of camping. I'll still have to do work over the break for my job, because there's no way I'll be done by Friday, unfortunately. But I knew that was going to happen. I'm a slowpoke. I wish I weren't. Before the beginning of next semester, I'm going to have to lay some serious groundwork for my next project so I can keep going at a decent pace.

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