Friday, December 10, 2004

the darkness

The Darkness before the Dawn

The true crunch time is upon me. In the next eight days, I must work miracles in several areas of my life.

I have a group economics final, and while I'm mostly responsible for my one of the total five questions, the remaining four questions constitute 40% of my grade, so I'm compelled to participate with my group on helping answer the questions.

I have yet to finish editing the presentation my other group must give on Monday for our other class. Yet another activity requiring collaboration.

I have one more paper due for my intro to public policy class--a toolkit. This is essentially a reflection on everything I've learned this semester. I haven't done much but think about it.

At work, I'm running out of time to finish my manual. I have several labs left to develop, but I mostly need to do a lot of tedious editing. The tedium makes it hard to motivate myself.

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