Saturday, December 11, 2004

getting inked

Tatoo considerations

Over at The Infinite Stitch, Dianna posted about a knitter's tattoo that is really quite remarkable. I've been contemplating getting a tattoo for some time now. As in most of my life. Much like the nose ring I wanted all my childhood (and had, for a little while, in college, until the sinus infection from hell forced me to remove it), I've grown undecided about it. To clarify, I do not choose not to have a nose ring via personal preference, but out of a desire to avoid controversy at my job. I really do think my nose looks awesome with a teensy gold ball. When I say teensy, I mean extremely small. Barely noticeable. But I work with a bunch of hawk-eyed biddies who would have the entire story spread over the building in 10 minutes. So I defer my dream. And I digress.

My mother is a phenomenal artist, when she actually makes anything. She has an unfinished pen-and-ink drawing of a horse-headed dragon inside a yin yang symbol that is just amazing. (My mom could have been a sought after tattoo artist, I am sure. Her style is perfect for such things.) I have long coveted this drawing. It is supposed to be a gift for my godfather. She's been "working on it" (read: letting it disintegrate into dust in the garage) for my entire life. I would love to have a scaled down version of this tattoo. But I'm not willing to offer my back. And to do it justice, that is how large a tattoo it would have to be.

I'm looking for something small, to go in the bikini area. I'd like to find a cool Leo symbol, or a Native American design. But nothing cheesy for me. No tribal bands, no purple hearts, yellow stars or green clovers.

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