Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Dear Prudence

I want an iPod in the worst way. Carrying CDs around in a wallet or (god forbid) their jewel cases is so passé. Buying albums in general seems a waste unless you're going to get into the art of collecting. Which I have neither the time nor the energy to engage in, as much as I would like to emulate one of the greatest characters of contemporary fiction, Rob Fleming in High Fidelity.

Carting around something previously so compact, but now, by comparison, so large, as a portable CD player and small collection of CDs seems quaint these days. I need my iPod nerd necklace (as the headphones were so aptly dubbed by my econ professor). Without the time to remember those antiquated discs, I've fallen far behind in my usual habit of listening to new music. My life is so busy I can't be expected to remember to swap discs out of my CD wallet. In fact, I haven't done so for at least a year. I'm a bit tired of the selection.

My company is actually in a position to give out profit-sharing bonuses this year. The amount is modest, but it would cover the price of an iPod mini entirely, and make a sizeable dent in a full-blown iPod.

Unfortunately, I can't really indulge in the iPod purchasing spree like I would like. I should save some moolah. Buying a fancy gadget like a $300-iPod, instead of holding out for the handheld/cell phone/mp3 player/master of the universe doohickey is just foolish. And besides, if I'm going to buy something, I should probably go the practical route and get Dell Axim (though I just learned, or reiterated the notion, that a Dell purchase is a vote for George Bush!) and a MP3 player/flash drive.

I still really want that handtop. Someone should send me an evaluation unit.

What's this? A suggestion that Apple enter the handtop market? Hmmm. I might reconvert to a machead after all.

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