Wednesday, December 08, 2004

man of my dreams

Man of my dreams

For once, I remember a dream that didn't involve people chasing me and trying to kill me, without a hope in the world for friendly aid. This time, I had a team of people working with me to save the city. Don't ask me which city--that sort of detail is unimportant in dreams.

What is an important detail is the fact that the dream had a riding-off-into-the-sunset /and-they-lived-happily-ever-after quality. After we finished saving the world, we rendezvoused at a Denny's (I know, this could possibly be the greatest dream I've ever had) outside of town. I was the first to arrive, followed by my love interest, who looked just like a cross between Rider Strong and this guy named Matt with whom I played tennis in high school. We didn't have time to get busy before the rest of the crew arrived, but plans were made for later.

That never happens in my dreams. I'm choosing to see it as a breakthrough of some sort. After all, a psychic told me last week that I'll be meeting someone soon. The power of suggestion is a funny thing, no?

It was still a fallen superhero-type dream, but I didn't wake up just before the villain did me in. That's progress.

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