Friday, December 03, 2004

my oh my

Keeping my head above water

The lack of automation amongst the administrative systems of various colleges I have attended is extremely inconvenient. My transcript request for Sierra College was submitted and paid for through an online transaction. You would expect the same or similar level of sophistication from the UC system, wouldn't you?

Think again.

Everytime I've needed something from Santa Cruz or UCR, I've had to get on the telephone and wade through an obstacle course of deceptive decoys to get to a human being. When I reach the human, I usually get a person with no authority to help me--which leads me to question the value of their position.

For the last 3 weeks I've been trying to get my transcripts from UCR-- for the whopping two classes I took there in high school--so that I can register for classes next semester. Registration is Monday and my check hasn't been cashed, nor have I received e-mail confirmation that the school is processing my request. The fact that I have to send a check and pay for express action on the request, and express shipping for the transcript is itself enough of a inconvenience. Not being able to register will be the real kicker, as my econ series is going to be full, and since my prof probably has no idea who I am, I doubt he will be willing to let me add after registration ends.

The more I work on the NCLB paper the more I hate it. But it's getting better, at least from an objective perspective. I'm still concerned about factual errors in the paper. I have so much more writing to do, which I'll have to fit in tonight after I skip out early on my company holiday party. I wish I hadn't agreed to attend. I really don't have the time. Oh well. When it comes to work-related events, there's something to be said for face-time, even off-site.

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