Wednesday, December 15, 2004

NCLB notes

A quick rundown

So I just finished my comprehensive review of California's ed reform
systems in the context of NCLB and I came to a few (obvious) conclusions.

1) We have unrealistic expectations of what every student in America, and Cali in particular, is capable of. The "soft bigotry of low expectations" isn't so much bigotry as it is part fact and part institutionalized laziness. And all this standardized testing does is blast kids below the bar as much as it pushes down on kids who could be above the bar.

2) Smaller class sizes and more money go a long way to increasing student achievement. But of course, the best things for all kids are good nutrition and parental involvement. Which are sorta outside the purview of schools.

3) Now more than ever, I want to do comparative educational policy studies.

4) California's current reform program, the API, is actually a decent idea. Too bad NCLB came along and fucked it all up.

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