Thursday, December 02, 2004



Listening to the latest Elliott Smith, thanks to a contest from Asparagus Pee. I miss Elliott. I'm sure that most of his fans felt a special connection to him, his music is so open one can't help but feel protective of his spirit.

It's so cold in my room when I wake up in the morning, it's a shock when I walk out into the hall. The temperature changes noticeably. Like by at least 10 degrees. I can almost see my breath in my bedroom. I should probably get a space heater. Or maybe my property management company should buy one for me. Or some socks. Wigwam makes the best winter socks. I wish they weren't so expensive.

Blogger's sluggishness is becoming unbearable. I can't wait until I'm done with school and work (ETA December 17th for everything) and have time to switch to a different CMS. The week of Christmas I don't have to work. I am so looking forward to that. I'll probably take at least some of the following week off. I would prefer that the plant be closed between Christmas Eve and New Year's, but I don't make the decisions around here. While on my break, I am going to:
1) Sleep
2) Knit
3) Read for pleasure
4) Exercise
5) Build and launch my web site (I'm serious!)
6) Revise my resume and maybe pull What Color is your Parachute? out for some job search advice and structure.
7) Finish the mandala I started last winter break.
8) Shred all illicit documents for the past year and file everything else.
9) Design a bookshelf and see if Alice's friend Alan will build it for me.

I think that's enough. Don't want to put too many demands on my leisure time.

Leisure time. What a novel concept.

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