Saturday, February 12, 2005


Why everyone should buy their tires from Firestone

I've been taking my car to Firestone for the past three years. There was one conveniently located downtown, but the state threatened environmental sanctions upon the building's current owner unless he sold it, so even though Firestone wanted to stay there, they had to close up shop. I got this information from the manager directly, when I wandered over to the next closest locale, in South Sac. I like driving out there, so it doesn't bother me too much that it's farther to go. I do miss being able to wander around midtown while waiting for my oil changes. But South Sac offers its own flavor as well. Unfotunately, when I get up at 6:30 to go, nothing is open, so I just read or knit.

The Firestone people are great. They keep track of when I need services done on my car. They sold me really excellent tires last March. I've put about 12,000 miles on them and I think they look brand new. The best part about getting tires from Firestone is that alignments and rotations are free for the life of the tires. So today, I got the tires rotated and balanced and an oil change for a cool $16. How great is that?

And if I hadn't driven out to South Sac for the work, how would I have known that Too Short and 2 Live Crew are playing at the Colonial on Friday!?!

I'm attributing this next tidbit to the bonhomie I feel for my Firestone compatriots. I called the vet yesterday because Mitzie seems to have caught some fleas, and I wanted to get advantage for her. The receptionist proceeded to lecture me on why I should never lapse in my advantage treatment. I said that I knew that, but I hadn't the funds to get it for her when I'd brought the cat in last December. It's only been 6 weeks, I figured I had a little breathing room. Alas, the poor thing is scratching herself raw. The receptionist also insisted that she would have to see the vet and that if they couldn't squeeze me in today I'd have to take her to the uber-expensive 24-hour clinic on Bradshaw. And then she told me they'd charge me $200 just to look at her. As a paying and loyal customer, I was a bit shocked by the snotty treatment I was getting. So I told her I didn't need a lecture. She insisted she was just telling me what the doctor was going to tell me. To which I replied, "Perhaps, but you aren't the doctor."

Happily, when I called today, they said I could just come and pick it up, no need to bring in the cat. Phew! The trade-off is that I can't go get it until 3PM. Which means I can't go into work. But that's a much smaller price to pay than the 24-hour vet. So I'll take this punishment and just do some other work while I can.

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