Friday, April 27, 2007

Active Transportation

I'm researching a thing for work about active travel/transportation. I like this name, but maybe think that nonmotorized transport would be better, as the concept is based on the idea that people should rely less on vehicles and more on walking and biking as a means of preventing obesity and maintaining health. My organization is all about making the connection between the aging of our population and the need to implement smart growth policies to help seniors maintain mobility. I'm more into the idea that promoting active travel helps address climate change, keeps people healthier and helps build community.

The Surface Transportation Policy Partnership recently surveyed Americans and found that the majority would like their communities to be more walkable. Here's the stats for California.

In the spirit of promoting active travel, and a nod to the fact that I've been too busy to work out this week, and since May is sooner rather than later, I'm pledging once again to participate in bike commute month. I have a much more comfortable bike and I am familiar with the bus routes. But I sure would like to see a retrofit of Business 80 to include a bike-ped bridge. Then riding to work wouldn't involve a bus trip.

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