Wednesday, April 04, 2007

a good gene

Lucky break

Sometime this week, perhaps today, will mark the 5th month of my smobriety. Unlike most smokers, or so I hear, I was able to quit cold turkey, and without changing my lifestyle very much. I had damn good reason to, as my blood pressure was high, I was prone to more colds and sinus infections (3 in a year, as opposed to zero since college), women who smoke are much more likely to develop lung cancer than male smokers, and black people are also more likely to develop lung cancer and other smoking-related illnesses.

But I think I may have one thing going in my favor. A new study suggests that genetics may play a role in smobriety. I figure I must have some set of genes that helped me quit with little trauma. I wish my dad had them too. He started smoking again, and I'm not sure when. It was his quitting that inspired me to follow suit.

Of course, not having the proper genetic makeup shouldn't deter smober-aspirants. But they shouldn't beat themselves up and be treated as social pariahs either.

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