Monday, April 09, 2007

new IE sucks

Lost in the ether

I just lost a great post about my personal journey to productivity. But this version of IE, which is slow and wonky, crapped out and Blogger didn't save it.

I am at a loss to recreate it. It was a good post though.

Instead, I will tell you about some upcoming appearances of No Impact Man. He will be on Talk of the Nation around noonish and on The Colbert Report tonight. In case you aren't familiar, No Impact Man (aka Colin Beavan) is a guy who lives in Manhattan and blogs about his efforts to reduce his home and family environmental impact to as close to zero as possible. There was a writeup of him in the New York Times last month, and his profile has been going gangbusters since. Blog popularity seems to be driven by gimmicks these days. But I'll take it.

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