Sunday, April 15, 2007

productivity hack #347

347 words per minute

At 91% comprehension. That is the result I received from this online speed reading test. I don't agree with the notion that screen reading is 25% slower than paper reading. In fact, I am certain that I'm the exact opposite. I'm also not convinced that reading without reading to myself simultaneously is even a possibility for me. I could try though. I want to be as efficient and productive as possible. I have a lot of reading to do.

I bring it all upon myself, of course. I read the internet compulsively, convinced that it contains the meaning of life. So today I started a new thing I'm referring to as my compulsive internet reading hack. Here's what I recommend for people like me. Which there may or may not be more of.

1. I added the delicious button to my yahoo toolbar. It’s faster than the bookmarklet that offers.

2. I have created a tag called “weekly_reading” and in it I place all the stuff that I’d like to check out for later perusal and further categorizing.

3. I scheduled a weekly time to review the links. Right now it is 7AM on Sundays, and I put it in my remember the milk because I love to check the boxes.

4. I have a backlog from a previous failed attempt to use tagged “toread.” That didn’t work as well; I have 186 and haven’t recategorized or read anything. So once I finish the “weekly_reading” category, I spend a few minutes on “toread.” So far so good.

I need to apply this to shredding old documents (I’m considering a controlled burn to deal with the backlog) and getting rid of the mail and magazines. Pretty soon, Sundays will be all about decluttering. Once I finish my thesis, that is.

For my next feat, I will determine exactly the right time to drink coffee so as to maintain proper alterness throughout the day. I can’t seem to get this one down, though I was great at it when I lived in Seattle.

I will say this. The “Eye-Opener” from JavaCity with a shot of hazelnut syrup is a great pick-me-up.

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