Monday, April 02, 2007


Thank you, R. Buckminster Fuller

Last week, the folks at Oz Farm called to inform me that they wanted me to come stay at the domes, the interconnected geodesic domes accessible only by footbridge during the warm season. Then they called back to say that a guy having a yoga retreat thought he might need the domes and they weren't sure if I could have my preferred dates.

Fortunately for me, this morning they called again to say that the yoga retreat fell through (which bummed me out a bit, since I was hoping to broker access to a class or two myself), so I can definitely have the domes. I am very excited. I've been contacting pals in Southern California that I want to join me, and Judy and I have conversed several times. Now I have Dan and Dave likely added to the list, as well as several chums here in Sacramento. As the place sleeps 8-10, I am a little concerned about having enough accommodations. I'd rent the main camp if I thought I could get loot out of people sooner rather than later. As it is, I'm putting down a $500 deposit on my own and just hoping peeps are kind to the donations jar I'm planning to leave in the kitchen of the site during my birthday weekend.

Though I'm renting the place for 4 days, I am stumped as to coordinating visits. I'm sure it will all work itself out. I'm just glad I got a cool site.

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