Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Animal Farm

All animals are equal.

Lots of animal-related news in the last few days to report.

Just this weekend, a humpback whale or four showed up in the Delta. (We are all about the Delta these days.) A female and her calf were seen near Rio Vista, and the mom appears to have a net stuck on her head. Hopefully it can be removed and the pair coaxed back to deeper waters. There may be two more somewhere else, or the reports may be of the same pair.

Update: The whales are in West Sacramento now. I hope they don't die.

A penguin decided to walk 3,100 miles from Chile to Peru.

In another cross-species promotion of physical activity, Astro the sea lion joined in a walk-a-thon in the Bay Area.

In Los Angeles, the Hollywood Hills fire is prompting calls for a herd of goats to help manage fire hazards by eating the dried out brush that fueled last week's blaze.

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