Thursday, May 31, 2007

Catching up on movies

I seem to have more free time right now, despite a week-long cat-sitting engagement and plenty of reading and writing to do for my thesis and upcoming collaborative practice class. Interestingly, the last several months of television-less entertainment have also affected my tendency to watch movies. I recently watched two films that have been on my GreenCine list, and intermittently unavailable to boot: Brick and Me and You and Everyone We Know. Brick is a fun take on high school, through a film noir lens, and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but also features Lukas Haas and Richard Roundtree. Everyone knows about the other film, right? I am the dolt who didn't get around to seeing it when it was in the theatre for three minutes, I'm sure.

In keeping with the fact that I never get to the (indie) movies before they leave, I have more than a few of the films on GreenCine's Top 50 Independent Films in my queue. And I'll spend the summer watching them, since I have no plans to reinstate my cable package (though I do miss Bravo and the DIY network).

Hopefully, despite my generally poor showing, I'll make it to the Tower Theatre to see Adrienne Shelly's Waitress before it leaves.

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