Friday, May 11, 2007

Curse you, vandals

I received some unfortunate news the other day. Remember the domes at Oz Farm, the geodesic structures I was so excited to hang out in for my birthday weekend? Apparently they were vandalized, and as such, won't be available. I can either have the main camp for the same price on the weekend prior or the following weekend, or I can get my deposit back. As Judy noted, that is sad news for both me and the farm. Vandals are, in a word, assholes.

I want the main camp on the weekend of my birthday. Judy's already bought her plane ticket. And of course, it's getting late to look for other options, as most summer stuff has been booked for a while now. Even campgrounds. I am really not interested in going anywhere but the coast (it's hot in July), and that stuff books up fast. I guess I should have made sure I had a backup in addition to the cabin.

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