Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Keep the cat healthy

It is difficult to find any dry cat food that isn't involved in the pet food recall. Even this very fancy and expensive French food, which I switched to when Science Diet seemed to have too many recalls for my liking. I realize that none of the particular formulae of food I feed Mitzie are implicated in the recall, but I believe one can never be too careful.

I did manage to find a brand of wet food at Pet Department, made by Old Mother Hubbard, and created with nothing but human-grade ingredients. Looks like they have a dry food as well, and it has zero wheat or corn gluten. I have mentioned before that Mitzie is supposed to be on the cAtkins diet. My vet has encouraged me to feed her even more canned food. After this pet food recall, I've become even more inclined to simply feed her steak. Or mice.

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