Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Missed the bus

The bus I take from near my house to the bus that takes me to work has been running late. I have a blister on my little toe because after watching the second bus drive right past me as I rushed to catch it, I had to walk to my boss's house and get a ride to the office.

I have been trying to be nice, but now I am going to complain. Don't exhort people to use public transit if they can't rely on it to get to work on time.

Update: I thought about using the numbers of my buses, and made this confusing by choosing not to. I have to take two buses to get to work. If the first one isn't on time, I run the risk of missing the second one. And the second one runs on a weird schedule, so if I don't catch it, I have to find other means of getting work, after having been transported a half-mile from my house. The first bus is the bus that often runs late. My bad for not just walking all the way to the second bus stop.

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