Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not much of a high note

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Today is my last official class as a Sac State student, at least for now. I am, for all intents and purposes, done. I had hoped to feel more confident about a team paper and presentation due tonight (we'll be presenting our findings at Brew it Up, of all places). Unfortunately, everyone has senioritis or is otherwise preoccupied. It's a bit disappointing.

I close this chapter of my life less frustrated but significantly more impoverished than when I graduated from college. The one thing I am happy about is the fact that I have direction. I have my two policy areas and therefore will be able to direct my activities accordingly. I wish I had more of a clear path and felt more confident about my ability to do anything but get good grades, though.

It is all so anti-climactic, finishing school this time. I'm not going to walk this semester, as I didn't get my graduation paperwork into the cashier (that is only open from 8-5, and not on the weekends), and I was reserving graduation as a treat for actually finishing my thesis. As a result, I guess I will have to walk in December.

And even though I'm not taking classes as an official grad student, you know I could't get through summer without summer school! Depending on how other things shake out, I'll be taking a few things at ARC or Sac City.

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