Monday, May 14, 2007

Overwhelmed, overstimulated

I drank so much coffee today that I induced a mini-anxiety attack. That Eye Opener from Java City is really effective. If it had been my only caffeinated beverage for the day, then I might have been fine, but on top of two other cups of coffee, it took me a moment to figure out my problem.

Having the day off enabled me to get my car smogged (it passed), take care of some financial issues and visit my thesis advisor (for the first time in two months). One of my goals before retiring for the evening is to create a realistic, but ambitious plan for completing my thesis in the next six weeks. Having decided to jettison a portion of it, it may be reasonable. Having today learned the true magnitude of my data coding framework, it may not.

On top of this, I am struggling with my section of a paper about the Delta, and freaking out about the number of books I have to read for my summer class.

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