Tuesday, May 01, 2007

working stiff

Happy May Day!

It appears that traffic may be snarled not only in the Bay Area today but also in Los Angeles, due to planned protests among immigrant workers. I doubt it will be nearly as vast or contentious as last year.

Yesterday I read some interesting articles about generations in the workplace. This article explores the relationship between demographic change in the workplace and the "war for talent." It's well-documented that there simply aren't going to be very many working adults in the industrialized world relative to the numbers of retired people and children. Having a small working class compounds the problems already inherent in resource distribution between the young and old.

Not only is the upcoming working population much smaller than the retiring generation (if they do in fact retire, which is certainly up for discussion), but it's also believed to be much less dedicated to working like a dog.

The other article I read discusses the question of management superstars return on investment. Essentially, management superstars are not worth the expense, though this may be less the case for women. I wonder what that's about?

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