Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Blogger won't let me see my draft posts right now. So several good things I've been planning to post this week are not accessible to me now, and I haven't the time to recreate. C'est la vie.

The Supreme Court rulings vis-a-vis free speech and the environment all went exactly the opposite way I had hoped. No surprise there. What I do hope for, however, is increased public participation to counteract the fact that this court seems to very interested in concentrating power in the more nefarious elements of our political system (big money in politics, unchecked executive power, fragmentation and state-level decision-making on federal environmental laws, censorship--see here and listen here). Dave and I have been talking about Plato's The Republic, and how democracy will ultimately collapse under its intentions or, in this case, institutions. And while I remain optimistic regarding modern democracy's survival, today I am less so.

In addition, today is the Day of Silence being observed by internet radio stations in protest of the recent Copyright Royalty Board decision to significantly increase royalty rates that internet radio stations must pay--and which many smaller radio stations argue would bankrupt them. Since internet radio is so much the domain of independent artists, I think this simply closes off a successful, more democratic and accessible avenue to music. I do hope that, if these rates go into effect, indie labels will organize pacts with radio stations to waive royalties.

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