Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The City that Reeeally Wants to!

There's always grumblings and mumblings around town regarding the pace of development. A general cringe at the thought of Folsom heading south of 50, a resigned acceptance of more building in the Natomas floodplain, and debates regarding the value of a Bass Pro Shop versus a large urban park in the railyard and surrounding area. In today's Bee, Marcos Breton provides a sober, yet hopeful assessment of our most recent boondoggles, the arena campaign and the spectacular Saca towers failure. And in the end, he gives us kudos for trying, and hope for a city that works.

I've lived in enough different environs myself that I'm confident in saying that, at the very least, the central city is a very nice place to live. It has a reasonable cost of living, lots of places to eat different cuisine, a few decent bars and pubs, a thriving corner of gay nightlife, lots of trees, a riverboat, some trains, a zoo, an art museum, a Governator, a City Council that appears to give a care, abundant free concerts, a plethora of unique, independent stores and coffee shops and great parks. I just wish we got more concerts of the variety I always have to go to SF for.

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