Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Desperately seeking the perfect planner

I've been using Remember the Milk for the past few months. Prior to that, I tried using ta-da list and my Dell handheld. A long time ago, I had a Franklin Planner, and I'm feeling like I'd like to go back to that. I need to write things down in order to remember them. However, I really like the integration of remember the milk and Google Calendar, and if I had a Blackberry, I might find it easier to keep up with it. The problem is, I like the redundancy of having electronic and paper copies, the immediacy of just-in-time reminders from RTM and the tactile nature of recording things in writing. I don't like having to record things multiple times, but I can't have the reminders or the centralized planning system without it.

Maybe I should just get less busy. Like that could ever happen.

What do other folks use to manage this conundrum?

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