Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Graduation, Father's Day

Once in a while, a confluence of events conspires to make me spend time with my entire family. Last year, I had the reunion with my mom's side, in Portland (Oregon), where I had to contend with my crazy uncle. This year, my sister is graduating from CSU San Bernardino. She's getting like eight degrees. Our family is not one for the focusing, we're all about the interdisciplinary studies.

Not only do I have to go to godforsaken San Bernardino and sit outside for said graduation, but I have to do it with both my parents. And my sister's boyfriend, whom I've managed to never meet even though they've been together pretty much since she started high school-- and keeping in mind that she's almost 25, is like 10 years. I have talked to him on the phone once, but that is it.

My college graduation was pretty unpleasant. My parents were still living under the same roof and though I'd had four years away from them, they proceeded to bring all our family drama to Chicago with them. I was nearly late to my ceremony and afterwards I wasn't really into the idea of hanging out with the fam, as they were making me uncomfortable. We aren't known for our ability to support each other during stressful times.

So, that's that. I have a choice--I can either go and act as sullen and bitchy as I remember them being, or I can put on a happy face and try to be happy for my sister. I have a fair amount of resentment about all this because I feel like my parents were much less supportive of me at that time in my life. I also realize that my sister has no control over that. Opportunities for personal growth can be such a bitch. Admittedly, so can I.

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