Friday, June 08, 2007

Leadership Book Club, Season 2

I reconvened my summer reading group and made some attempts to expand membership. I didn't choose the books like I did last year, with the hope that group participation on titles would result in more ownership, posting on the group and better attendance at discussion meetings. I'm not one to implement compacts, but I like to think I have some strategies up my sleeve regarding participation.

I am probably wrong on that last part. All groups need leaders. Even groups of leaders.

I'll probably do a little CQI analysis on this after the second year is over. It will help me if I ever decide to really get YNPN Sacramento going. (Part of the problem with that is I don't have a lot of nonprofit friends. The other part of the problem is I don't have time.)

We have settled on three books for this summer. People, including myself, are busy this summer with classes and thesis-writing, so I didn't want to set unattainable goals.

Thus, we ended up with these three titles:

We begin with 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy, meeting at the end of June to discuss. I guess I'd better get my copy.

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