Friday, June 15, 2007

One for the road

Before I began this blog, I went to Los Angeles a lot. I had good friends from high school and college to visit, and plenty of couches to crash on. Plus this guy that I really liked.

When I went to LA during this two-year time period, I would send out elaborate e-mail messages that contained all of my travel information and suggestions for how we might all enjoy my visits. I took it upon myself to coordinate housewarming, birthday, fourth of july and other celebrations from afar. And damn, were they fun.

Those were the days. Now my friends are all married, moved all over the country, too busy, etc, to do much more than have coffee on occasion. Such is life, I suppose. I'm enjoying my protracted adultolescence and singlehood, personally. You don't have to do it all before 30.

What's most amusing to me now, as I plan to pick up a rental car and head to LA tomorrow morning, is the level of preparation I used to engage in versus today. Tomorrow morning I will get up, shower, throw some CDs and clothes in a bag, and head down I-5 until I get to the stupid interchange where I will park or slowly crawl for 3 hours in my efforts to get to either Glendora or Bellflower. I used to relish my trips to LA, but now they're just old hat.

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