Monday, June 11, 2007

Right shoulder, left knee

I played tennis yesterday morning. My right shoulder, and even my right hand, are very sore. My left knee is not happy. I have consumed many capsules of ibuprofen to stave off incapacitation.

I had no clue how weak I had become. I suffered a serious shoulder injury beginning in May of 1995. I was in a car accident in which my dad's Honda Civic was flipped around in a circle and seriously bent as a result of a silly girl driving a Volvo and not paying attention. My injury was treated in physical therapy and I was alright for a while, but I re-injured it the following summer while practicing my Steffi Graf serve. After this I had difficulty carrying a backpack, throwing a snowball or even putting on my coat. I became much more conscious of my shoulder as a result, and I've favored it in every exercise program since.

I've been trying to strengthen my shoulders and lats in order to prepare for my summer of tennis-playing. However, yesterday's hour of play (we're definitely playing rehab tennis, I can barely return a serve still) has done a number on the entire system of muscles and joints in my upper body. Running around the court has similarly demolished my hips, butt and thighs, not to mention my left knee.

Tennis is the ultimate exercise. I can't wait to make my fitness trainer appointment at the gym so I can design a program to get strong enough to play regularly.

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