Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sweet relief

I've been in a minor funk regarding my birthday plans. As previously mentioned, the site I reserved was damaged by vandals. I was offered the use of the main camp for the same price, but on a different weekend. I was reluctant to move the weekend for two reasons: Judy already purchased her ticket for my actual birthday weekend, and all other weekends conflict with other people's birthdays.

And so I had decided on Monday to simply torpedo the Mendocino plan and limit my extravaganza to a simple celebration: a weekend in San Francisco and a party at the pub.

But fortune smiled upon me, and last night I received a message from Oz Farm that they had been able to repair the Domes! And thus, I could have the original site on the original weekend. So now we are back to partying in Mendocino. Phew.

I am still having a party at the pub though, on my actual birthday.

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