Friday, June 01, 2007

Working for the weekend

It's Friday, the weather is great, and I'm meeting friends this evening for the concert in the park.

Tomorrow is proving to be eventful. Savvy and I are going to learn how to spin at the health club. Following that I will be attending a friend's birthday party, wherein all guests are encouraged to dress up as things that start with the letter "M" and all food and drinks served will also begin with the aforementioned letter. I'm going as Mrs. Mia Wallace, trying to recruit a Marcellus Wallace or Vincent Vega, and deciding between a five-dollar shake and a giant syringe as a prop. And of course I need to work on the thesis. Sunday is the River City Run, at which I will not run, but will register runners.

I think I'm supposed to work in knitting and housecleaning somewhere, but I'm skeptical of my potential for success.

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