Monday, July 16, 2007

Ain't got no crystal ball

When I was in high school, Sublime was fairly popular. I grew up in SoCal in the early to mid-90s, and third wave ska hybrids, punk-reggae, nu metal and indie rock were all on the rise. If I had thought myself able to predict the future, I would have guessed (correctly) that No Doubt would one day be famous, that Gwen Stefani (who was so my fashion hero then) would become more famous than the band, and that Hepcat would still be around in 15 years. But never would I ever have guessed that I would be reading a knitblog of a woman around my mother's age, and see a picture of her teenage granddaughter (age 15 or so) wearing a wife-beater with Sublime emblazoned across the front.

This young lady was born around the time that I first started going to shows. That would be around the time that Sublime released the (apparently) seminal album 40 oz to Freedom.

I liked Sublime, but they've been defunct for over 10 years now, really. So how have they managed Bob Marley-like longevity? And seriously, I never saw them as more than a novelty band. So what gives?

I definitely would have picked The Skeletones to be the band with staying power.

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