Monday, July 23, 2007

CNN * YouTube Debate

Interestingly, if I were simply going to choose a candidate based on issues, I would probably not pick any of the front-runners.

That Chris Dodd is pretty cool. He is the only one who answers the questions. Bill Richardson has interesting proposals as well.

I can see what people mean about Barack Obama's lack of specificity. But really, he's only one level of specificity below the rest; no one can really say how they would do anything. So Obama discusses finding common ground and working together, and everyone else discusses laws they would pass.

I don't know if they know this, but the president doesn't pass laws. And the repubs that remain in Congress are not the ones who would be inclined to reach across the aisle.

For anyone who follows politics with any regularity, these debates, no matter how much they attempt to engage the public (and the concept is to be applauded), are still cheesy. The candidates take every opportunity to describe their platform, to twist their answers to questions to fit their views and avoid getting into trouble with various constituent groups. Which is to say that they don't actually say much. Then again, I probably know more about the candidates than the average viewer.

It doesn't really matter anyway, everything's about to fall apart. Have you seen the dollar lately?

Here's the transcript, even though it's currently on my television. (My cable is back.)

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