Friday, July 06, 2007

Good Samaritan

Ah, the joys of dealing with enormous state agencies. I received a note from EDD about my benefit period. No problem, I checked the box and mailed it back to them ASAP. Unfortunately for one Roberto S., his form was stuck to the back of mine. I first tried calling the 1-800 number for unemployment insurance, which guaranteed I'd run out of cell phone minutes before the day was over, and probably still no one would answer my call. So I decided to be more proactive, and called a local office, hoping to get to the call center listed on the form. When I finally did, my phone of course dropped the call. Getting back in was no problem though.

All my effort was mostly useless though, because the agent informed me that the form was irrelevant, as Roberto S. wasn't eligible for benefits anyway. She said I should just throw the form away.

Of course, this exposes a bit of an issue for EDD. First, there's no phone number to deal with issues like this. Second, it's pretty bad form for a state agency to be sending strangers documents with social security numbers printed on them, not to mention weekly and yearly unemployment insurance benefit information. And finally, I really don't think that the EDD agent should have told me that this guy wasn't eligible for benefits. That is none of my business.

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