Sunday, July 08, 2007

Obsession: Banh Mi

I have decided that I must learn how to make my own banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches). They are currently functioning like crack to me. So tasty, with their pickled vegetables and grilled meat (my preference being pork), cilantro and peppers. The combination of spicy, salty and sweet is simply addictive.

Unfortunately, though summer is an ideal time to eat such refreshing fare, I face great difficulty driving way out on Stockton Blvd in order to procure them, as I have no air conditioning in my car and the super-hotness of last week nearly wiped me out (veritably, I became completely nocturnal, much to my dismay).

This morning, I could wait no longer for my fix, but, still wary of a drive to Long Sandwich, I opted for Lee's Sandwiches on Power Inn. Though not my favorite banh mi maker, I figured it would do. Note that the link indicates that the shop is open daily. Daily meaning every day but Sunday, apparently.

I was disappointed, and I had a bag of groceries that needed refrigerating, so I headed home empty-handed. And so, I have employed google in my efforts to learn how to make them myself. If I get really into this, I will add any personal recipes to my wacky cookbook that I'm working on this summer.

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