Monday, July 02, 2007

Pins and Needles

I am anxiously awaiting word on some important stuff. Although I can't be specific, I would appreciate good thoughts from folks.

I had a great weekend. Saturday I went back to the Incentive Fitness Center for another round of body fat testing and fitness profiling. I am happy to report that on nearly all measures, I improved significantly. I went from a blood pressure reading of 150/82 to 130/80, from zero pushups in 60 seconds to 20, from 30 situps in 45 seconds to 40, from a leg press of 180lbs to 260, and a chest press of 60lbs to 75. Most importantly, I dropped 7% body fat from last year. The funny thing is, I only lost 5.5lbs on the scale, but I lost 20lbs of fat and gained 11 pounds of muscle overall. I have 12 pounds of fat to lose before I reach my goal, which they say I should be able to accomplish by the end of September.

So, starting today, I am going to be one crazy fitness junkie. It's good for the mind, body and soul.

Update: Pins and needles over. All stuff is working out pretty well. Thanks for the good thoughts!

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