Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Preparing for company

I was so excited to acquire my own apartment, hoping that people would come visit me more, and that friends would come over. Though I've lived here a year, that simply hasn't materialized, until now. Judy is on her way from DC. I am very excited for her to visit. I even spent the last several days cleaning. The place seems more spacious now, at least in the living room. I'm still wrestling with myself over keeping an extra television and bookshelf which currently are sitting in the dining room and hallway.

I went to IKEA in West Sac yesterday and found the perfect picture frames. I have been trying to follow a theme of red as my central color in the living room, with accents of cherry/redwood and black iron. If you know my giant shelf, and my more recent lamp/table (coolest furniture find evar.) then you may be able to picture what I mean. So the picture frames are the Ribba, but are a cherry stain. Sadly, they built an enormous, big-Lowes-sized WalMart Supercenter next to IKEA, which totally ruined the view.

I was sidelined by furniture I covet for a good part of the day yesterday. My cleaning efforts were hijacked by the discovery of a Room and Board catalogue, which contained the perfect kitchen table. It's a bar table with a round top. Parfait. I can't afford it though, so I'll just do with my 8 year old IKEA table for that much longer.

I actually organized my knitting stuff, and am now convinced there's a secret stash somewhere, because I remember having many more knitting needles than I can find. This might have something to do with having so many projects in progress. I'm going to vow to finish something by the end of this year.

The bathroom is sparkling, save for the shower, and I think my vacuum is on the verge of breaking, but aside from little nitpicky things, I'm ready!

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