Thursday, July 19, 2007

Super awesome art

I'm turning out to be a bit like my mom when it comes to household decor. Not in terms of not keeping on top of clutter, or using it as a central feature (though I am so busy right now that it's really a challenge), but in terms of a complete lack of wall decoration. It's not that I don't have a lot of it, I just can't seem to decide on a frame motif, and this is stifling my efforts to hang stuff up. I bought some really lovely little paintings from an artist on Etsy a few months ago, and the other day I happened across this Thomas Demand poster for only two bucks from the MOMA store. Judy and I saw this exhibition when we went to New York in 2005, and I really dug it. I do wish some of the other works were available in poster form, such as the one that opens this post. And I wouldn't mind a mini-Gee's Bend quilt. Side note-- I read somewhere that another person was moved to tears by the exhibit that I saw at the deYoung last year, which made me feel like less of a sap. If art doesn't evoke emotion, is it still art?

I'm trying to decorate my apartment like the grown-up I finally believe myself to be, and thus push-pins simply won't do anymore. But frames, they are not cheap.

I was considering buying thrift store paintings and re-using the frames (a more green solution), but that is a very intense affair. I'd still have to decide how to put very different frames together. And it might be too kitschy and fail to bring together the accent elements of my design, which is getting lost in the shuffle at the moment anyway.

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