Friday, August 31, 2007

I (can't) see you baby

I arrived safely at Washington National Airport at 5PM yesterday. I schlepped my four bags to the AVIS rental car lot where I was presented with a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

This has to be the worst designed car I have ever driven. The entire thing is one big blind spot. The area visible through the rear view mirror is actually larger than the rear window itself. The side mirrors, meant to compensate for the egregious lack of side visibility (try checking over your shoulder, on either side of the car and all you see is the back seat), do nothing at all to help the cause, as they are surrounded by an encasement that doesn't nothing to improve their usefulness. And the front windshield is so small and low that I feel like I'm wearing a baseball cap.

In fact, I couldn't see any worse if you put blinders on me. Be warned, don't rent or purchase this vehicle. It's particularly bad for driving here, where everyone is a terrible driver. This car is like a handicap for me. Otherwise I'd be zipping through traffic. Now I can't even get my bearings. I'll be glad to turn this guy in.

There's a web site that chronicles issues with the Eclipse, so I know I'm not alone in my frustrations.

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