Monday, August 13, 2007

Adopt this Cat!

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Animal people are such suckers. I know, because I'm one of them. A little cat, probably about 7-9 months old, has been hanging out around my apartment complex. Sometimes, she reclines beneath the magnolia tree in the courtyard. Other times, she rests in the scrubgrass near the walkway. Often, I find her at the bottom of my stairway, waiting for my downstairs neighbor to feed her. I also run into her regularly as she sleeps on top of my neighbor's soft-top convertible, in the parking space next to mine.

She's been around for about 6 weeks and all of the neighbors love her. She's very affectionate and responsive, though so far she's not keen on being picked up. She doesn't scratch, but you can tell she doesn't appreciate it.

Regardless, she'd be a great cat for someone who hasn't had one before, because she doesn't seem to have a bitchy side, and she's very comfortable with people, so no worries about her hiding under the bed all the time. And I think she'd take to being an indoor cat really easily-- she keeps trying to get in our apartments.

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