Monday, August 27, 2007

Dirty Reggae

So, the Aggrolites show last night was interesting. The ska band that opened for them reminded me of a friend's band in high school. They were a bit awkward, as if they hadn't played a lot of big shows yet, and cheesy, as if they'd watched old ska videos and modeled their on-stage coordinated dancing accordingly. They weren't bad, though. But, they were no Hepcat, either (but who, really, is?).

I was distressed by the degree of bad dancing inspired by this band. And this insanely wasted guy who was standing next to me kept screaming at the band so loudly I could hear *him* and not them, clearly.

The Aggrolites were great. I was surprised that the complement of folks in Sacramento who are fans and willing to head to a show on Sunday night was so small, but I think we managed to make it work.

What didn't work for me as much was the remodel of Harlows. It was like Vegas circa 2002. The booths have been redone so they are seating areas with low tables (not for eating anymore) that face outward and all of them had reserved signs on them. If the show had been packed and the reserved areas were housing people, this would have been slightly more acceptable than the fact that half the booths sat empty all night and the show wasn't crowded at all. It used to be you could get to Harlows early and watch the show from the booth, which, with my knees and feet not liking the constant standing anymore, is my preference. Now you have to know somebody, apparently. Gross.

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