Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flaming Turtles

Last night was my going away soiree. I naively thought that we could get a 6PM reservation at The Melting Pot. Mistake #1. I also thought that, if we had a 6:30 reservation (which is what I was able to secure), a party of 10 would be able to eat quickly and get to the pub by 8:30 (I got there at 10PM). And I surmised that the bill for our extensive feast would cost about $350.

I had tried to snap a picture of the bill with my cameraphone, but it didn't come out well. But the bill was over $500, just so you know.

Next time I go to that restaurant, I'm having the flaming turtle chocolate fondue and I'm budgeting at least 90 minutes for the experience.

I leave at o-dark thirty tomorrow AM. No, I'm not done packing or cleaning or printing out things from my thesis.

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