Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ground transportation

My friend Michelle is coming to visit this weekend. It's the very first time she's visited me in 11 years-- when I spent the summer in Santa Cruz. It's easier for me to visit her, since I have family in Southern California. We grew up in the same crap-ass town and high-tailed it out as soon as we finished high school, her to UCLA and me to Northwestern. She's met a lot of my NU friends, by virtue of half of them moving to LA when I moved to Sacramento.

I haven't had time to clean my apartment since I readied for Judy's visit, and it's a bit of a sty right now. I hope to have time to clean it up by Thursday night, as I've got class on Friday, which is when Michelle arrives.

So Michelle e-mailed me to say that she was going to take public transportation to my house. Of course, it's fitting that someone who's been taking the bus and subway all over LA for the last 10 years would expect to use public transit. But I suggested she just use SuperShuttle, since RT doesn't even go to the airport, and she'd have to connect through Yolobus. I don't get why Yolo County has a shuttle and RT doesn't.

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