Monday, August 06, 2007

Involuntary No Impact project

While I was in Mendocino for my birthday, I think my fridge died. When I returned, I noticed that the lemonade I keep in the door wasn't as cold as I would have liked. I turned the temperature knob a few notches cooler and headed off to Santa Rosa for work. When I got back Friday, I was so busy and exhausted that I ate out and didn't touch my fridge.

By Saturday night, I knew something was wrong. The cheese I'd bought at V. Sattui was not cold when I removed it from the fridge. I'm going to assume my (very expensive) wet cat food and yogurt are bad. All my veggies have gone moldy. Since they're less than a week old I can only assume that's the result of being closed in a semi-warm, dark, humid spot for several days. Fortunately, I saved my condiments and cheese by putting them in a friend's fridge-- the one who got married on Saturday, and for whom I'm catsitting.

I called the property manager yesterday to announce the problem. The freezer is supposed to be frost-free, and the back is covered in it. I cleaned it off, but the fridge is no cooler. They say I'll probably need a replacement fridge. They say they'll take care of it today, but since it took them 3 weeks to fix my toilet, I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, I'm trying to eat without using anything that needs refrigeration.

It's pretty hard, so I'm going to get a sandwich at Safeway. Which is, I suppose, not very No Impact of me. But I am hungry.

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