Monday, August 27, 2007

Level of service

They sure don't make things easy when it comes to traffic violations. I got pulled over when Michelle was visiting for the giant crack in my windshield. I received a fix-it ticket and a threat of vehicle search. Any search of my vehicle would turn up things like old french fries and candy under the seats, not much else. I certainly didn't like the implication.

I must give big props to Glass Pro on 16th street for a very quick and cheap windshield replacement. A wag of the finger goes to Sacramento County whoever whatsit that I'm trying to contact now. I'm scheduled to appear in court to verify that I fixed the windshield late next month. I won't be here. And I won't be here for a long time, so I'm on hold (and have been for 25 minutes), so I can discuss my options.

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